I'm Jamie. I make websites, designs, games, logos, business cards, nice photos.

I'm a guy from around Vancouver, BC with a passion for technology. Starting as a child making a website in Microsoft Paint, I've sought out knowledge about computer programming and design with a focus on constantly learning and improving. Besides this, I also dabble in cooking, photography, music production, and drumming.

Web Development

I'm a full stack web developer with over 10 years of experience.

My Skills

  • • HTML
  • • CSS/SASS
  • • PHP
  • • SQL
  • • Ruby/Rails
  • • Javascript
  • • jQuery
  • • Next.JS
  • • React
  • • UI Design
  • • Photoshop
  • • Illustrator


Ensures that users on any device will be able to enjoy your content.

Asset 11


SEO optimizes your placement on a search engine's results.

Asset 9


Designs and interactions that make your user experience shine.

Asset 10


Persistent user data and complex features.

Game Development

I am a game designer and developer with a passion for creating engaging and creative gameplay experiences.

My Skills

  • • Unity
  • • C#
  • • HTML5/JavaScript
  • • UI Design
  • • Photoshop
  • • Illustrator

Everything Else

I'm always learning new things! I'm happy to provide services in additional areas to help with anything you need.

Print Graphics

Brochures, posters, and everything else.


Capture a moment or showcase your products.

Branding Assets

Colours, logos, and feelings. Clearly define your brand.

Business Cards

Spread the word about your business and showcase your brand.